Linkwebb.Co.Uk Ltd have been supplying quality replacement remote controls online
to customers in the UK and throughout Europe since 1999.

We supply quality manufactured replacement remote controls guaranteed to replace the original remote control for most makes of Televisions, DVDs, Blu-Ray Players, Freeview Set Top Boxes and Satellite Decoders.

Here is how it works :-

First there is the Original (Genuine) remote control as supplied by the manufacturer from new. These tend to be the most expensive remote controls as the manufacturer feels they can command a premium for having their name on it. Originals tend to only be produced for a few years at which point they are discontinued in favour of the remote controls required for newer models. Often when you talk to the manufacturer they will say only their original remote control will do, which is just not the case. As long as the same infra-red signals are being transmitted your TV etc will not know any different.

Next there are the Direct Replacement remote controls as supplied by us which are electronically identical to the Original but look different, We have three different base model remote controls that are then to become like the original.

These are specifically manufactured for your make and model with all the same infra-red signals required by your device. There is no code to be entered or any way you can re-code the remote control to work other devices. This ensures that even if you take the batteries out there is no possibility of the remote being affected, unlike Universal remote controls that may need to be re-coded. Direct replacement remote controls are by far the most cost effective way of replacing your remote control.

You can rest assured however that with our comprehensive database and years of experience you can be certain of the right remote control for your TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Freeview or Satellite Decoder with prompt despatch from our UK warehouse or our Spanish warehouse if in Spain.