About Us

Linkwebb.Co.Uk Ltd was set up as an on line retailer in 1999. The original idea was to be the focal point for a series of websites that specialised in consumer electronics. From Scart Leads to Remote Controls. Of course we knew that electronics products can easily come and go which is why we developed a huge remote control database. We knew remote controls will be around for years to come.

However, over the years we saw that the remote control market needed much more than an on line store front. It needed to have a UK manufacturer to make the dedicated remote controls that replaced the manufacturers original remote control. To that end we trade marked three different style handsets which became our base products before final assembly transformed them into direct replacements.

The buying process is now VERY easy. First enter the model number of the equipment that you want the remote control to operate on one of our store front EU websites. If it is found within the database then we can manufacturer it. Every order we receive via the store front websites will be based on the equipment’s model number it has been ordered for.

Once an order is received the remote control is manufactured the same day and dispatched. Our trade marked remote controls can now be found on Amazon UK, Germany. France, Italy and Spain.

For now we have a dedicated UK store website as well as a dedicated Spain and Germany store websites.
France will have their own website early in 2019